Season One Episodes​


Steve Howey (Shameless) guest stars with Jacqueline Mazarella as a delivery man who's just trying to leave a package.


Jacqueline Mazarella and Owen Smith (Everybody Hates Chris, The Arsenio Hall Show) star in this sweet tale of common experiences as parents with potty training, hemorrhoids, and a whole lot more.


Jacqueline Mazarella and Roma Maffia (Pretty Little Liars, Nip/Tuck) star in this lovely coming together of two neighbors; just ladies sharing tales of bodily functions, doctors and shaving.


Roma Maffia (Nip/Tuck, Pretty Little Liars) returns to star with Jacqueline Mazarella in a loving tale of a neighbor consoling a grieving friend.  And masturbation.


Jacqueline Mazarella and Meredith Monroe (Criminal Minds, Dawson's Creek) star in this quaint tale of ladies chatting in the park about schools, showers and bathrooms.


Jacqueline Mazarella and Maggie Wheeler (Californication, Friends) star in this lovely meeting of two hikers taking in the fresh air, and sharing the love of dogs.


Jacqueline Mazarella, Larry Sullivan (CSI, Modern Family) and Don Winston (S'wanee, The Union Club) star in this reunion of sorts sharing secrets of parenting, massages and butter.

" ... THE BUST-A-GUT LAUGHS OF THE OVERSHARER BY ALI LE ROI, THIS PROGRAM IS A HIGH OCTANE ZONE OF BOLD TALENT AND CONTENT." Christine Davila in reviewing Fresh from the web! Drea Clark’s indie snacks @LAFilmFest

The Oversharer is a woman with no filters, no boundaries, and no idea how uncomfortable she's making you.

 You have no idea what you don't want to hear!